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A unit that’s built to last, put your confidence in the Raider rooftop unit. Designed with the replacement market in mind, our expanded Raider rooftop line is compatible with one of the most common footprints, eliminating the need for an adapter curb.

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Raider units are designed to work well in a range of applications and can be installed quickly and efficiently.

  • Compatible with one of the industry’s most widely used footprints, eliminating the need for an adaptor curb.
  • Utilizes existing utility connections in many replacement jobs.

Lightweight Raider units are easy to move into place. Once installed, Raider units do not significantly add to the weight-bearing stresses on the building.

  • Environ™ Coil System is 59% lighter than similar Cu/Al coils.
  • Lighter-weight unit means there’s no need for structure analysis on replacement jobs.
  • Reduces total load on roof.

The Simple Service system helps ensure ease of installation and maintenance to make every call easier.

  • Accessible gas compartment allows access to all gas components through side access panel.
  • Compressor access panel allows easy accessibility to compressor service ports.
  • Toolless filter access allows quick change-out and service.