VPB Heat Pump

AHU Control Kit
AHU Control Kit

AHU Control Kit

The Lennox VRF AHU Control Kit creates an HVAC solution that is adaptable, efficient, and customizable. The 2-, 4-, and 8-ton AHU Control Kit enables Lennox VRF VRB heat recovery and VPB heat pump outdoor units to operate with Lennox non-VRF indoor units and 3rd party non-communicating indoor units such as coils, air handlers, and furnaces with 1 to 20 tons capacities.

VRF Low Ambient Cooling Kit
VRF Low Ambient Cooling Kit

VRF Low Ambient Cooling Kit

The VRF Low Ambient Cooling Kit extends cooling operation for Lennox VRF Heat Pump and Heat Recovery outdoor units down to -10°F. The Low Ambient Cooling Kit features a top hood assembly and side and rear snow guard panels. Expands Lennox VRF Cooling from 5°F down to -10°F. Available for both outdoor unit cabinet sizes (6 to 10 ton and 12 to 16 ton).


Lennox® VRF Heat Pump units offer a heating and cooling solution capable of conditioning up to 64 zones from a single system. Individual set point control, in combination with an inverter driven compressor, provides a highly efficient system that optimizes the system capacity by adjusting the compressor speed based on the required capacity at each indoor unit.

  • Hinged access panels on all outdoor units for easy access to internal components
  • Built-in LCD service console allows technicians to commission, startup, and service Lennox VRF systems from the outdoor unit with no additional software, external devices, or gauges
  • Inverter-Driven Vapor Injection Compressor– Reduces energy usage by varying the compressor speed in response to the capacity demand at each indoor unit. Vapor injection technology provides increased capacity at both low and high ambient temperatures, as well as improved efficiency.
  • High-Efficiency Operation – Part-load IEER efficiencies up to 26.2 

  • 6 to 40 ton capacity
  • 208-230V/3PH/60HZ
  • 460V/3PH/60HZ
  • Up to 3,280 ft. of refrigerant piping
  • All inverter compressors
  • Individual set point control for up to 64 indoor unit

The Lennox VRF AHU Control Kit creates an HVAC solution that is adaptable, efficient and customizable.

  • Compatible with cooling coils in 1 to 20-ton capacities
  • Utilizes the same Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV) and controls algorithm used in Lennox VRF equipment for precise and efficient comfort control
  • Simplified installation with 2 piping connections
  • Experience the design flexibility of VRF systems with up to 3,280 feet on VRF Heat Pump and Heat Recovery.

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