Cosmetics Manufacturing Company – Ontario, Canada

34 Lennox Energence® units take care of business


A leading skin care, makeup and fragrance manufacturer in Ontario, Canada.

The Project

Wanting to replace an outdated HVAC system in a multi-use building in Markham, Ontario, this globally recognized cosmetics manufacturing company went searching for units that offered energy efficiency, easy maintenance, and the flexibility to accommodate an upcoming building expansion project. In addition, multi-stage air control and BACnet® compatibility were important requirements for their new system. As an environmentally conscious company, they also wished to achieve operational efficiencies that would enable their building to qualify for LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver-level certification, something that they felt would be good for the environment and the community, and bring additional benefits for their staff.


The current facility, comprised of a 40,000 sq. ft. office area, a 160,000 sq. ft. production facility, and 60,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space, all had different HVAC requirements. The company selected Brusan Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd.—a Lennox Alliance customer with decades of HVAC experience in multi-use facilities—who helped the cosmetics company decide on a multi-system approach using the Lennox Energence Ultra; giving them more precise and efficient control in every area of the building.

For Brusan project manager Alexander Tesan, the ideal HVAC unit for the job was the Energence Ultra-High-Efficiency rooftop system from Lennox. “This customer wanted a step above standard efficiency, along with multi-stage control of the air and the Prodigy® control board, which makes diagnosing issues and maintaining units easier. This is all offered in the Energence product line,” Tesan explained.

 “These units also have the filtration and energy efficiency required to meet the company’s LEED Silver target for this building,” Tesan added.

Tesan and his team at Brusan installed 34 Energence rooftop units at the facility, 17 for the office area and another 17 larger units for the production and warehouse areas. “We had tonnages ranging from 4 tons to 30 tons for the cooling units, with varying SEERs from 14 all the way to 17. And, these units came equipped with the MSAV® multi-stage air volume capabilities that can adapt to changing air demands, meeting the client’s requirements without adding field installation and additional cost,” Tesan said.

All 34 Energence units were placed onto the facility’s rooftop using a helicopter lift. This allowed the entire install to be completed in just a few short hours, saving valuable time and money on the job. “Conventional methods using a crane would have taken probably two to three days for eight hours a day, while this took approximately three hours on a Saturday, and it was all complete,” Tesan explained.

Being a Lennox partner meant that getting the 34 HVAC units to the manufacturing facility quickly and efficiently was not an issue for Brusan Heating and Air Conditioning. “Lennox products offer a lot of flexibility,” Tesan said. “They offer any tonnage you need for heating and cooling, with a multitude of options that are competitive with any other company. Those are the main reasons Lennox is a really good choice and a preferred partner with Brusan for jobs like this.”

Being a Lennox Commercial Alliance Partner offered Brusan a competitive advantage that set them apart when bidding the project. For such a large and prestigious HVAC installation, having this type of support and priority attention from Lennox helped ensure that Tesan had all the products and services he needed—precisely when he needed them. “Our good relationship with Lennox has always helped us when we've been on projects. Getting the right people in place and having the product expertise of our Lennox team ensured we could effectively place the equipment, as well as specify the products required for these types of projects. I would say that type of support gives us a definite competitive advantage," Tesan added.

“Lennox products offer a lot of flexibility. They offer any tonnage you need for heating and cooling, with a multitude of options that are competitive with any other company. Those are the main reasons Lennox is a really good choice and a preferred partner with Brusan for jobs like this.”

Alexander Tesan


As the new HVAC installation continues, the feedback that the Brusan team has received so far is very positive. The cosmetics manufacturing company is happy with the deadlines that have been met, and they are confident that the ENERGY STAR®-certified Energence rooftop units will help their building become LEED Silver-status certified in the near future.

For Alexander Tesan, helping the company meet their HVAC goals and continuing their positive business relationship is extremely important. “By selecting Lennox as our partner, we were able to deliver what we promised, and I would imagine that it will be a very good working relationship with them going forward,” Tesan said.

“The day we landed all the rooftop units, one of the company’s executives was there, and he was very pleased.”

Alexander Tesan

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