AHU Control Kit (Mini-VRF)
AHU Control Kit (Mini-VRF)

AHU Control Kit (Mini-VRF)

The Lennox VRF AHU Control Kit creates an HVAC solution that is adaptable, efficient, and customizable. The 2-, 4-, and 8-ton AHU Control Kit enables Lennox Mini-VRF heat pump outdoor units to operate with Lennox non-VRF indoor units and 3rd party non-communicating indoor units such as coils, air handlers, and furnaces with 1 to 20 tons capacities.


Lennox® Mini-VRF heat pump units offer a heating and cooling solution capable of conditioning up to 9 zones from a single system. The Mini-VRF is ideal for light commercial and residential applications requiring high-efficiency conditioning of multiple zones.

    • Inverter Driven Compressor – Reduces energy usage by varying the compressor speed in response to the capacity demand at each indoor unit.
    • High-Efficiency Operation – SEER efficiencies up to 19.2 and HSPF efficiencies up to 11.4 offer some of the most efficient systems on the market.
    • Low Noise Operation – Sound levels as low as 41 dB(A).

  • 3, 4 & 5 ton capacity
  • 208-230V/1PH/60HZ
  • Up to 492 ft. of refrigerant piping
  • All inverter compressors


  • Lennox Mini-VRF outdoor units are designed for efficient performance, even in the harshest climates.
  • Paired with the Lennox VRF AHU Control Kit creates an HVAC solution that is adaptable and customizable.
  • Lightweight, compact and quiet, Lennox Mini-VRF outdoor units are able to fit into small spaces, making them ideal for multi-family dwellings like apartments and condos where lot space is limited.
  • Designed with inverter technology, Lennox Mini-VRF outdoor units are consistently efficient, maximizing energy usage and energy savings.
  • Lennox Mini-VRF outdoor units offer multi-zone temperature control for customizable comfort.

The Lennox VRF AHU Control Kit creates an HVAC solution that is adaptable, efficient and customizable. Each system benefits from the smart design features of the Mini-VRF outdoor unit, features that deliver more application flexibility and temperature-control options.

  • Compatible with cooling coils in 1 to 20-ton capacities
  • Utilizes the same Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV) and controls algorithm used in Lennox VRF equipment for precise and efficient comfort control
  • Simplified installation with 2 piping connections
  • Experience the design flexibility of VRF systems with up to 492 feet of system piping on Mini-VRF.