Lennox® CORE Control System

Intuitive Rooftop Controller, made for Lennox Model L and Enlight Rooftop Units

The Lennox® CORE Control System features the innovative Lennox CORE Unit Controller and the revolutionary Lennox CORE Service App. The CORE Service App provides intuitive setup, real-time data readout, and enhanced test functionalities, reducing service costs and creating a connected service experience. The CORE Unit Controller openly integrates with multiple control types, extends unit lifetime by reliably operating system components, and implements algorithms that optimize efficiency, creating ideal space conditions with ease.

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Lennox® CORE Control System

Designed to accelerate equipment install and service. Standard with all Model L rooftop units, CORE integrates key technologies that lower install costs, drive system efficiency, and enable smarter asset management.


The Lennox® CORE Control System reinvents the service process in the palm of your hand with a wireless mobile service app, making setup and service faster than ever before.

    • Guided Setup with progress indicators, detailed help, and exportable summaries drive simple and trouble-free setup, reducing commissioning times over similar systems.
    • Enhanced Test Functionality provides real-time sensor readings, trending, and reports that enable easy troubleshooting.
    • Multiple Device Support for Android and iOS on both phones and tablets lets you experience the Lennox® CORE Service App on the device you are comfortable with.

The Lennox® CORE Unit Controller empowers customers to choose their building controls, allowing simple or tailored operation.

    • Multi-protocol Support including standard BACnet IP & MS/TP allows custom monitoring and control while maintaining backward compatibility.
    • Wireless Sensor Support with no additional gateways reduces the installation cost of both retrofits and new installations.
    • Device Encryption and Firmware Validation are engineered to Federal Information Processing Standard 140-2 guidelines and provide peace of mind without sacrificing functionality.

The Lennox® CORE Control System uses built-in algorithms to deliver key performance indicators and drive unit components simply and reliably.

    • Intelligent Operation optimizes comfort and unit reliability without complex configuration, saving time and delivering results.
    • Integrated wireless gateway provides a secure connection to optional wireless zone sensors and the Lennox® CORE Service App.
    • Configurable Backup Modes maintain unit operation and comfort during construction or external building control downtime.

The Lennox® CORE Unit Controller optimizes unit operation in real-time by processing advanced sensor inputs, maximizing energy efficiency and space comfort

    • Standard Sensor Package monitors key performance indicators of both the air and refrigeration systems to dynamically adjust system operation.
    • System Diagnostics track efficiency, and indicate specific component failures, allowing your organization to keep units running efficiently while reducing troubleshooting time.
    • Configuration Parameters drive tailored sequences of operation and make the CORE Unit Controller the most flexible Lennox has to offer.

Download the latest version of firmware (09.00.0348) here.

To install this firmware, use a standard flash drive. Recommended Drive: FAT32 format, 2GB-32GB storage capacity. Place the firmware update in the following location: /Firmware/M4/. Plug the USB drive into the CORE Unit Controller. Pair the mobile app, and navigate to RTU > Menu > Firmware Update. The system should show the update and confirm to begin the update. The update should take approximately 15 minutes. You are not required to stay paired using your phone during the update. The unit controller will reboot after the update has completed.