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Introducing the Ultimate Indoor Air Quality system as part of the Lennox Commercial Building Better Air Initiative. With the ability to remove 99% of the virus that causes COVID-191 from the air2, Lennox has developed a rooftop unit that can help commercial businesses improve the health of their building.

Using a factory installed combination of MERV 16 filters and UVC Germicidal lamp, the Ultimate IAQ system has been third-party tested to show a 95% single pass efficiency rate3 with a 70% virus reduction rate4 after five minutes and 99% reduction after 30 minutes.

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3 Key Steps to Building Better Air

Step 1
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Indoor Air
Quality Survey

A Lennox representative or qualified contractor will offer services to assess the equipment currently serving the building to identify ways to improve indoor air quality. This assessment will evaluate the general condition of the HVAC equipment, verify proper ventilation, and detail the status of current air purification capabilities to create a baseline for the building's current indoor air quality.

Step 2
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Indoor Air
Quality Solutions

After studying the assessment details, a Lennox representative or qualified contractor will then walk through available options to improve indoor air quality, focusing on air purification, ventilation, and humidity control. A comprehensive IAQ solution will then be created tailored to the building and application's needs.

Step 3
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Indoor air quality is an ongoing priority, it is critical that a maintenance plan is established to ensure the IAQ upgrades to the HVAC system remain effective. A Lennox representative or qualified contractor will lay out a comprehensive maintenance schedule that will help keep the building's indoor air quality at the recommended level.

Lennox Commercial IAQ Products

Air Purification

REMOVE OR REDUCE HARMFUL CONTAMINANTS to prevent them from recirculating through the ventilation systems.

High-Efficiency Filters

High efficiency filters reduce concentrations of pollen, dust mites, dirt, mold spores, and some viruses.5

UVC Germicidal Lights

Prolong equipment life by eliminating biological contaminants like some viruses, mold and bacteria from coils and drain pan surfaces.6

Bi-Polar Ionization

This process targets certain viruses, bacteria, mold, spores and fungi through cell oxidation as well as VOCs and odors through a chemical reaction at a molecular level.7 8

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DILUTE INDOOR POLLUTANTS by bringing fresh outdoor air into the space.

Rooftop Ventilation

Typical rooftop ventilation systems include economizers, manual dampers, and motorized dampers to bring fresh air into the space.

Dedicated Outdoor Air System

Certain applications call for dedicated units to bring in outdoor air for ventilation. Contact a Lennox Representative to learn more about the options for DOAS solutions.

Energy Recovery Systems

Available with most rooftop units as a field installed solution, an enthalpy wheel transfers both heat and moisture between entering air and exhaust to allow for energy efficient ventilation to the space.

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Humidity Control

MAINTAIN PROPER LEVELS OF RELATIVE HUMIDITY with the space to not only promote comfort, but also prevent growth of bacteria and mold.

Humiditrol® Dehumidification System for Rooftop Units

Patented Lennox design to remove humidity independent of temperature control. "This system is perfect for controlling comfort in the shoulder months when room temperature is satisfactory, but humidity is above desired setpoint.

Humiditrol® Dehumidification System for Split Systems

Similar to the dehumidification system available in packaged rooftops.

Thermostats and Sensors

Create a comfortable and cleaner indoor environment with the proper HVAC system controls.

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  1. When used properly with other best practices recommended by CDC and others; commercial filtration and UVC lights can be part of a plan to reduce the potential for airborne transmission of COVID-19 indoors.
  2. Removal efficiency based on third party testing results using MS-2 bacteriophage (ATCC 15597-B1). Bacteria representative of virus-sized particles like SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. April 2021.
  3. Single Pass testing conducted at 3rd party facility with 750 CFM moving through an air tunnel
  4. Recirculating testing conducted at 3rd party facility in 1007 Cu.ft. chamber with airflow moving 6 Air Changes per Hour (100 CFM).

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