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News Archives – 2007

December 2007
12/13/2007 At 2008 AHR Expo, Lennox Introduces Advanced Commercial System for Energy and Cost Control
12/13/2007 Discover the Benefits of Lennox’ Comfort Sensor at AHR 2008
12/12/2007 See the Award-Winning New Humiditrol® Dehumidification
System at the 2008 AHR Expo, Offering Advanced Humidity Control for Split Systems
September 2007
9/6/2007 Energy Efficiency Improved in 13- to 20-ton L Series® R-410A Rooftop Units
August 2007
8/2/2007 Improve IAQ and Exceed LEED Requirements with New Low Pressure Drop, MERV 15 Two-Inch Filters
July 2007
7/3/2007 Improve Control Over Energy Bills, Sustainability Goals with Newly Upgraded L Series® R410A Rooftop Unit
June 2007
6/28/2007 Expanded T-Class™ Rooftop Unit Line Gives Businesses More Application Options
6/20/2007 Lennox’ S-Class™ Split System Named Tops by Buildings Magazine
6/5/2007 Improve Split System Humidity Control with Lennox’
Humiditrol® Enhanced Dehumidification Accessory
May 2007
5/24/2007 Lennox Introduces L Connection® Network with Zoning Support
5/23/2007 How to select the right HVAC equipment for optimal humidity control
5/9/2007 Lennox’ new rooftop unit option helps reduce service costs —
Optional hinged access panels are now available on T-Class™
3- to 25-Ton Rooftop Units
April 2007
4/3/2007 Restaurant Profit: How comfort = revenue
March 2007
3/15/2007 Wal-Mart and Lennox Work Together to Improve Energy-Efficiency
3/15/2007 L Connection® Network from Lennox is
2006 Editor’s Choice in Buildings Magazine
3/6/2007 Advanced humidity control
3/1/2007 Lennox Honored By EPA ENERGY STAR Program for Fourth Year; Unprecedented in HVAC Industry
February 2007
2/15/2007 Fast and Simple: Make the most of your service and maintenance programs to boost the bottom line
2/13/2007 Achieving LEED certification starts with the right systems and units

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