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Energy Innovation

Throughout our history, we've had one goal in mind: to make people feel comfortable. Today, thanks to continued advances in engineering and technology, we're making this happen in more than one way. Our heating, cooling and air quality products not only make businesses more comfortable, but they also help protect the environment. We call this energy innovation (ene • vation), and some of latest examples are provided below:

Intelligent Solutions

Energence® rooftop units represent optimum energy efficiency for commercial applications. The first unit in its class to break the 18 SEER barrier, Energence units surpass the Consortium for Energy Efficiency’s (CEE) Tier 2, the highest efficiency tier currently recognized by the energy-efficiency program industry.

Groundbreaking technology

The SunSource® Commercial Energy System integrates with the Energence premium rooftop unit to provide effective efficiency of 34 SEER6 and beyond. Capable of being installed on roofs of almost any size or shape, the SunSource system is a modular system that can be expanded with additional solar modules over time.

Unmatched performance

Strategos® rooftop units deliver leading efficiency performance that cuts energy usage, costs less to operate and reduces environmental impact. With efficiency ratings of up to 16.1 SEER, 14.3 EER and 16.8 IEER, the Strategos unit is an excellent energy management investment and key to creating a success strategy for sustainable design.

Innovative design

The Prodigy® unit controller makes setup, troubleshooting and servicing the Energence rooftop unit easier than ever while reducing startup issues by up to 60%. Each controller tracks the runtime of every major component and records the date and time when service or maintenance is performed. The unit controller intelligently operates the rooftop unit to help ensure reliability, maximum efficiency and comfort.

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